2018 Trips Report

June 2018

What an amazing summer! What an amazing group of people! This has been the most exciting year we have seen in terms of growth and God increasing our boarders. What an awesome privilege to be a part of all this and watch God do miracles.

I am so thankful for each one of you who gave up 2 weeks of your summer and possible your pay to travel to the unknown. Even though you did not know what you would find or experience, God did and He had great things planned for each one of you. I pray that you had an encounter that has changed you forever.

July -August 2018

Two weeks after returning from our June trip, John, myself and his son Chris got back on a plane and headed back to Uganda. Wow! I wasn’t sure if we were crazy or not. But i soon found out God is greater than anything i could ever imagine.


As soon as our plane landed we drove to Pride Infant School to meet with the architects who were preparing drawings for the new school building.  Bright and Martin are the architects from Craft Engineering & Construction Company who are doing the work. We talked for a few hours and left feeling that we were in good hands and these men would take care of our needs. During the next week while traveling we stopped at 2 schools they had designed and built to see some of their work first hand. The schools were beautiful and we knew these men were capable of doing the job at Pride. One our very last day there we met again to finalize the deal and sign contracts with this company to complete the work at Pride. Right now we are still waiting for some approvals from the city but demolition is scheduled to begin this Friday, August 17! Cowboy has been hired as our Project Manager for this project and he will be our eyes and ears on the ground. He will also be sending pictures as work progresses. We can not wait to see the pictures of this building coming down because we know that means construction is next. Beginning August 17th we have 5 full weeks to complete this project. Pray for all aspects of this project. The company has promised to work 18 hour days to ensure completion by the next term.

A new sewing project has been born in Rukungiri. This is Cowboys village and home.  The school his mother and father run is the recipient of 4 new sewing machines.  These ladies are going to begin sewing products that can be sold in the US to help their families and projects at the school. Water is desperately needed at this school, I would love to raise enough money through their sewing to dig a well for their school. The lady on the ground with the black and white pok-a-dot dress is the one who received the wheel chair through a generous donor last year. She is doing well and sewing.

The Rabbit Project

We had the opportunity to visit the farm where Cowboy is starting his rabbit project. The farm is about 1 hour outside of Kampala. It is a beautiful place with fruits and vegetables all on 4 acres. Cowboy has worked really hard and only needs to pick up his rabbits to begin this project. Continue to pray for him.

Bunk Beds

John, Chris, Emma, Ivan, Daniel and a few others were able to make 3 more bunks beds for the mission house. On our last day of construction we were going to make benches for Daniels Clinic but he asked that we make one more bed for Akiiki. We were so overwhelmed with the generosity that the bed had to be made. Akiiki, her sister, Esther, Grandfather, Justice and Grandmother Prudence all live in one small hostel behind the mission house. Esther and Akiiki shared a mattress one the floor.  The grandparents share a small bed. We were even able to purchase new mattresses for the beds. You can’t imagine the joy and gratitude from this family.

This newsletter would not be complete if I did not tell you about my Academy Award Winning performance as the donkey from the story of the Good Samaritan. You can see from the look on the kids faces- that says it all! You just had to be there, but let me assure you, it was amazing and there was a real award ceremony. That’s all I will say.

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